Friday, 02 September 2011


Hi ladies,

Our apologies for your comments not being posted on our blog.  It was, as Anel's husband would say, a "PICNIC" problem - "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer"!
We have rectified it (thank you Cariena for pointing it out and helping us fix it!), and we look forward to any other comments from you.

With VERY miserable weather outside, use this weekend to catch up on some me-time indulging in your favourite hobbie, or if you just want to snuggle under a warm blanket, pay us a quick visit at the Expo where we have fantastic international magazines on sale for only R35! A cup of hot chocolate and a stack of magazines to find inspiration in, and you are set for a lovely weekend in bed!

Stay warm!

1 comment:

  1. ag it was a pleasure!! you girls are really the epitomy of what scrapbooking is about - SHARING. i am priviliged to know all of you. hope you have an excellent expo. xx